Dining for Women: A Recipe for Connection and Purpose

By Beth Ellen Holimon, Dining for Women President

“Dining for Women changed my life.”

I hear this so many times. And not from women in Nepal or Bolivia. I hear it from women in Toledo, Sarasota, Bethesda. Dining for Women is changing the lives of women all over the world.

For many of us, joining DFW is the moment when one becomes many and when isolation becomes a community. We are a community that is deeply knowledgeable about how women and girls are the keys to ending extreme poverty. We are a community that is knowledgeable about global women’s health, education, and economic challenges. We are a community that knows it is changing the world with thousands of individual actions.

But we are also a community of women who inspire each other, who help each other, who share with each other, and care about each other.

Loneliness is an epidemic in our country and people are looking for community more than ever. The ethos of a DFW chapter is a recipe for connection and purpose.

As we launch our 8,000 Ambassadors Campaign, remember that we, as DFW members, are part of an empowering community that benefits US TOO. We are actually changing the world in our own towns AND in communities in Kenya, Guatemala, and so many more. When you reach out to someone to share your DFW story, remember to tell them how being part of this community has changed you at the same time you are changing the world!

And don’t forget to share your story with me! bethellen@togetherwomenrise.org.