Happy 5th Anniversary to Two DFW Staffers

DFW staff members Wendy Frattolin and Justine Allen recently celebrated their fifth anniversaries with DFW. Wendy is our Communications & Membership Director, and Justine is Member Engagement Coordinator. Both reflected on their time with DFW and answered a few questions about what inspires them.

  1. In your 5 years, which is the grantee that always inspires you and why?

Justine:  I am inspired by the projects that incorporate the environment into livelihoods and healthy eating such as African People and Wildlife, Puente a la Salud, Development in Gardening, Community Cloud Forest Conservation, and Gardens for Health. These grants cover the basic physiological needs of people without which survival would be impossible.

Wendy:  This is always a tough question for me because I am truly inspired by every grantee we support! It’s like choosing which child you love the best! But if I must … ever since I heard Anchal’s founder, Colleen Cline, speak at DFW’s 10th anniversary conference, I have loved this grantee. I love that Anchal is providing an alternate path for women who were once trapped in the sex trade in India, and Colleen’s personal story of founding Anchal as a young woman is very inspiring. I also love Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) – the school and those little girls rising out of the Kibera slums – how can that not make your heart sing!


  1. In your 5 years, what issue facing women and girls always moves you?

Justine:  Human trafficking moves me to rage and tears.

WendyFemale Genital Mutilation/Cutting and obstetric fistula. Women and girls suffer so much from FGM/C and fistula, and it frustrates me that these issues still exist in our world today.


  1. What are your favorite things about working at Dining for Women?

Justine:  Learning about the amazing women who are inspired to act, come up with community-based ideas and follow them through to fruition.

WendyI love the variety of the work that I do for DFW and the fact that – in my own way – I am helping to make a difference. I am also constantly humbled by the commitment and passion of our volunteer leaders – they inspire me to work hard and keep going even when the job sometimes seems overwhelming.


  1. What is the biggest change you have seen working at DFW?

Justine:  The organization of volunteers, their individual and committee based roles.

WendyBroadening our impact through grants, partnership, grassroots advocacy, and member engagement.