Have Dining for Women your way!

New customized emails let you have the DFW news and information you want delivered to your email as it is posted. 

By Laura Haight
DFW, Communications Consultant

How many of us start every morning with a cup of coffee, the morning paper, and 5-10 minutes of deleting the scores of email that arrived, unbidden, while we slept?

In an endless array of ads and offers from stores I might have once bought something in, however, there are often emails that I do want. They are emails of specialized content I selected and asked a publication or blog to send to me. These I read. And when my interests change or expand, I can change these emails as well.

Now, Dining for Women is excited to offer you this same choice. We are routinely adding new content to our website: Food for Thought blog posts, posts from and about our programs, stories about women and girls around the world, news about chapters, our travel program and more.

We also know that many people may be interested in specific areas of focus, such as girls’ education, women’s health, economic sustainability, the safety and security of women and girls around the world. Subscribers to our newsletter can now select from an array of targeted emails. Emails will deliver brief introduction to current content on each interest topic. Each email will go out once a week, but only when there’s something new on the topic you selected. The best part is that you decide what you want and, if your interests change, you are in control of changing your email preferences.

Here are the emails you can choose from:

News about programs — When new programs are added, when new grants are made, when reports from grantees are published, news from programs or about our programs including stories, updates, new videos, hangouts and other news.

Travel — When new trips are announced, openings become available, blog posts from current trips or the monthly Travel Tales blog is published.

Story Telling and Connections — Stories from our programs, from chapters, from members and leaders about the benefits of DFW support or membership, about the emotional connection to our work, about our commitment to changing the world and supporting each other.

The Proven Platter — Follow the culinary journeys of our Recipe Curator Linda McElroy as she tests new recipes each month. Her insights into the country, the customs are educational but her guiding hand making the dishes is invaluable!

News about DFW — Coverage of the organization itself, DFW in the news, recognition, growth and special programs.

Impact focus areas — Areas where our organization focus their attention. While almost all have more than one, there is always one primary goal. We organize our programs this way and we have special interest emails specifically about each focus area.

— Education
— Women’s Health
— Economic Sustainability
— Environmental Sustainability
— Safety and Security

Best practices for chapter leaders — news from the Home Office on best practices, new initiatives and information from other chapter leaders on how they are leading vibrant chapters. What is working, what might not be. (Must be a DFW chapter leader, board member, staff member or regional leader to receive this).

To Subscribe: If you are already a subscriber, use the “Update Subscription Preferences” link that is in the footer of all our emails. This will take you to your profile. Then select the interest areas you wish to receive emails about. Note that each one sends a separate email at different times of the week. You can also go to the new subscriber form, complete the required fields and the email service will find your profile for you. There you can select your preferences. If you aren’t yet a subscriber, you can subscribe and select your preferences here. Note that all subscribers receive The Dish newsletters on the last Thursday of each month.

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