Kenya 2012 trip diary: Remembering

By Angie Maddox
It’s hard to believe almost a month has passed since my return from Kenya.  I think of the people and landscape everyday – constantly throughout the day.  I’m often asked about the experience and my response remains the same – Amazing!   Incredibly kind people, gorgeous landscape, and I’m still very much processing the experience. 

At times I wonder if I’ll ever be able to put into words what I saw and felt – very emotionally complex.  Among the beauty, kindness, and indomitable spirit also exists extraordinary poverty and complex situations.

Before I left home, a friend said to me ‘You’re going to meet the love of your life there’ – I without a doubt fell in love.

As I departed for the Nairobi airport to return home, one of the gentlemen with the tour group hugged me and said, ‘Don’t forget about us’ – I have not and shall not.

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