Member Input Sought for Grants Program

As Dining for Women grows and we raise more money, what will we do with these funds?  At this time, here is what we know:

  1. The monthly Featured Grants Program will continue.
  2. Impact partnerships, such as the one with the Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Program, are a way for us to proactively invest in issues in order to make a substantial impact on equality for women and girls. These strategic partnerships will be an integral part of our overall Grants Program going forward.
  3. Sustained Funding Grantees have been selected through May 2018.  Beyond May 2018, we would like to research different funding options.
  4. We know that there are many different ways of granting funds to make substantial impact on the world.

The Grants and Partnerships Oversight Committee (GPOC) is a DFW board committee charged with giving advice and making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding our Grants and Partnerships Programs.  This year, the GPOC is undertaking a “year of education” in order to analyze what we currently do in grants and partnerships and to assess where there are other opportunities to make a difference, while staying true to DFW’s mission and model.  GPOC members will be assigned readings and will participate in guided discussions and debate.  Readings will focus on poverty, development, women’s rights, and effective grant making.  The goal of this undertaking is to reaffirm the effectiveness of DFW Featured Grants while exploring new options for Impact Partnerships, Sustained Grants, and future funding.

We want you, our members, to be a part of this exciting discovery process!

We invite you to be part of a special Discussion Forum that will give the GPOC the member perspective on the future of DFW’s Grants Program.  This forum will consist of 8-10 members who will do the same readings as the GPOC and will meet bi-monthly starting in February. Expertise in poverty, development, women’s rights, effective grant making, and program research is strongly desired.  Interested applicants should complete an online GPOC Discussion Forum application and upload a current resume and one letter of reference.  Applications will close on January 16th.

Please email me at if you would like further information or if you have any questions.