I am Dining for Women, Hear Me ROAR

I am Dining for Women, Hear Me ROAR

I am Dining for Women, Hear me ROAR

I am a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband, partner, spouse, aunt, uncle, daughter, son, BFF

I am a she, he, and they

I am from the global north, I am from the global south, I am straight, I am queer, with skin colors in every hue

I am employed, unemployed, underemployed, retired, volunteer, student, scholar

I am a farmer and livestock owner, an educator, a professional, a small business entrepreneur

I am a landowner, landless, I am a nomad

I am a community health worker, a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist

I am on the frontlines, a firefighter, an EMT, the law, and a service provider

I need water, food security, and a roof over my head

I need family and community

I want equal opportunity, I want fairness, I want equal access

I want an education, I want healthcare, I want a future

I want music, dance, and opportunities to create

I want mother earth to sing with joy, with her abundant flora and fauna

I want justice, I want equality, I want peace

I want good governance, responsibility, and accountability

I will give of my time, my compassion, and my resources

I will give of my talent and hard work

I will speak, I will speak up

I will communicate, discuss, and share

I will join the other chorus of voices

I will never stop trying

I am willing to go where others have not gone before

I am Dining for Women, Hear me ROAR

Aug, 2019

Bhutan: An Experience on top of the world

50 million years ago the Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate to give rise to the Himalayan mountain range. A mountain range that continues to grow 1 cm a year. What a vision of beauty with high peaks, and breathtaking glaciers and valleys. Nestled in this mountain range is the beautiful landlocked country of Bhutan. Flying into Paro, Bhutan from Kathmandu in Nepal brings this beauty to the fore. Looking out of the plane window, our pilot gently reminds us to look out at Mount Everest, majestically bursting through the clouds at 29,029 feet. As we approach Paro, our plane banks to the left and then to the right between high ridges for a thrilling picture-perfect landing in Paro.  Details

Mar, 2018

Deepening Impact with Sustained Grants

In 2017, Dining For Women’s Grants and Partnerships Oversight Committee (GPOC) launched a “year of education” in order to ensure that we are informed about the current research and best practices in grantmaking and in promoting equality for women and girls.  In addition to the GPOC, we engaged a “member discussion forum” to share in the readings and discussions.  The research we reviewed highlighted several aspects of effective grantmaking, solutions to poverty and inequality that are critical to understanding how our grants can make the biggest and best impact.  The goal of this undertaking was to reaffirm the effectiveness of DFW’s Featured Grants while exploring new ideas and research for our Sustained Grants program.  The Grants Selection Committee is selecting a new slate of three-year Sustained Grantees for the beginning of 2019.  Details

Feb, 2018

Join DFW at CSW62!

New York and Northeast chapters are invited to attend a panel presentation about gender-based violence during CSW62, the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), to be held March 14 in New York.  Dr. Veena Khandke, DFW’s Director of Grants and Partnerships, will represent DFW as the primary sponsor of this session, which is co-sponsored by UNICEF USA. Details

Member Input Sought for Grants Program

As Dining for Women grows and we raise more money, what will we do with these funds?  At this time, here is what we know:

  1. The monthly Featured Grants Program will continue.
  2. Impact partnerships, such as the one with the Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Program, are a way for us to proactively invest in issues in order to make a substantial impact on equality for women and girls. These strategic partnerships will be an integral part of our overall Grants Program going forward.
  3. Sustained Funding Grantees have been selected through May 2018.  Beyond May 2018, we would like to research different funding options.
  4. We know that there are many different ways of granting funds to make substantial impact on the world.


Sep, 2016

Sub-Saharan Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals

Recently, Dining for Women’s Board reaffirmed our commitment to the UN-mandated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the next nine months, a number of DFW featured grantees are from the Sub-Saharan Region of Africa. This offers DFW members the opportunity to learn about individual challenges faced by individual countries and communities in the vast region. This blog provides an overview of Sub-Saharan Africa in the context of the UN’s SDGs.

Sub-Saharan Africa is comprised of the 48 countries geographically located below the Sahara Desert and distinguished from the Northern African countries that are part of the Arab World.  This beautiful region that makes up the bulk of the African continent consists of deserts, Sahel, savanna, swamps, rainforests, plateaus, mountains, rivers and lakes and enormous diversity in flora and fauna that has shaped human evolution in our geological past. Details

Jan, 2016

Visiting DFW Grantees in South Asia

During the fall of 2015, I traveled extensively in South Asia co-directing Furman University’s India/Sri Lanka Study Away Program, which included 15 students and two faculty members. I made the most of being in South Asia by conducting site visits and interviews with five Dining for Women grantees: Emerge Global, The Unforgotten, Anchal, Matrichaya, and Vacha Charitable Trust, our featured grantee this month. Details