Marsha’s Legacy: Believing in DFW Miracles

As I enter my third year with Dining for Women, I have learned a great deal about this wonderful organization.  I’ve learned from members, staff, and the board, but I have to say that my principal education has come from DFW co-founders Marsha Wallace and Barb Collins. DFW owes its strength, its grace, and its future to these two outstanding women!

As Barb transitions from her Chair role on the board, I am grateful for her tenacity and her leadership.  She leaves a legacy of great governance and a forward-thinking board.  She has painstakingly placed the groundwork for DFW’s future  – one that we can all be proud of! I look forward to continuing to work with her as she remains on the board and will chair the Resource Development Committee.

I know that you share in my surprise and sadness at Marsha’s announcement of her departure from the DFW Board of Directors.  It is hard to imagine DFW without her.  As co-founder of this community, Marsha leaves an indelible mark on everything we do today.

I feel fortunate to have worked closely with her for the past two years.  Together we have heralded new initiatives, new relationships, and taken risks together.

Occasionally, when there might be bold decisions that take a leap of faith, Marsha is first to leap.  She is an optimist.  Marsha gave me the gift of believing in “Dining for Women miracles”.  In the past two years, whenever we were looking at a challenge in front of us, Marsha just knew that everything would be ok.

I have experienced these “miracles” so many times that I can now believe in them ahead of time instead of recognizing them in hindsight.  As Marsha taught me, the miracles come from the love our members have for our mission, the respect our members have for women and girls, and the potential within every woman and girl we seek to empower.

This is a true gift and one that could only come from a founder.  In gratitude to Marsha, I promise that I will continue to trust in these miracles and to be a DFW Miracle evangelist!

As Marsha transitions to her next life chapter, I know that many of you will want to share your love and gratitude for the impact Marsha has made. I encourage you to send cards, letters, notes or photos to Marsha Wallace, c/o Dining for Women, P.O. Box 25633, Greenville, SC, 29616. We are hoping to collect as many as possible in order to present to Marsha at her Greenville chapter meeting.

Marsha often tells the story of how the idea for DFW came to her like a lightning bolt. If anyone could be struck by lightning twice, it would be Marsha Wallace! I know we all wish her well in whatever the future brings, and I personally will continue to believe in Dining for Women Miracles – thanks to Marsha Wallace!