Passing the Baton

Dining for Women became a way of life for me after the first chapter meeting at Marsha’s home in January 2003.  Her simple idea turned traditional philanthropy upside down, forever changing my expectations for the impact of my charitable donations.

Our collective giving and educational model is proving that small contributions and individual actions, when aggregated together, make a deep and transformational impact in the lives of both the giver and receiver.  One person can change the way the world works.

Dining for Women belongs to all of us. It’s never been more important for each of us to nurture the organization, to listen and unify our actions, even when our 400 plus chapters are spread throughout our country, and the women and girls we touch are spread throughout the world.

One sign of strength in an evolving organization emerges when the top reins are shared among the many.  When grassroots voices are raised, unity thrives. When unity thrives, we impact more lives.

It is within this spirit that we celebrate a succession of leadership in the board chair role. It is an honor to pass the baton to Susan Stall, who is already a familiar voice to many through her service as a chapter leader, committed volunteer, and on the board of directors.  A beacon of generosity and a strong advocate on behalf of women and girls everywhere, her inspirational leadership will take us to the next level.

My intention is to dig deeper into roles where the organization needs me the most. I’m happy to be stepping down at a time when our position has never been stronger. Through our work to embrace innovation and democratize decision-making, I have no doubt that together, we will achieve and surpass our 2020 Vision.

Thank you all for proving that harnessing the passion of individuals is a powerful force for good in the world. One that brings out the very best in all of us.

It’s been an honor to serve, and it’s an honor to open a new chapter of leadership for this dynamic organization we all cherish.

Forever one woman, one girl, and one dinner at a time.

Barb Collins


“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world. “

Harriet Tubman