Peru 2014: American members visit Peruvian chapter

Fifteen US-based DFW members embarked on a journey to Peru. Their first stop was an very special opportunity to break bread and join with DFW sisters in the Lima, Peru, chapter for a meeting, to share and learn about each other and about our featured program for October – Bumi Sehat. Chapter Leader Eli Bagnarol sends this post on the experience.

By Eli Bagnarol

LIMA, PERU, Oct. 21, 2014 — There is an innate desire to help those suffering in the world. It is this desire that motivates humanitarianism.  Often groups want to be actively involved in something of importance and feel as though they can make a difference. We actively seek outlets that can assist us when wanting to help those in need. Dining for Women provides this outlet and unites women all over the world working collectively to address issues of poverty, disease, education, and the unequal distribution of wealth and power. The marginalization of women has significantly contributed to the devastating increases in global poverty.

The education and welfare of women are vital in an attempt to eliminate extreme poverty as women are the poorest people in the world. More attention to the significant role women play in social processes can assist in overcoming issues that plague global communities and more importantly improve the social welfare of women.  Dining for Women uses a simplistic approach to get women involved in the common goal of providing education and aid to women and children in need. Dining for Women makes involvement easy, enjoyable and above all else productive. We are honored to a part of the collaborative effort.

Lima Peru Potluck
The Dining for Women Peru chapter is the only South American chapter.  It was originally started by Amy Flohr an American from Washington, D.C., who was inspired by the Brian Williams segment and the focus on the Millenium Development Goals. Amy’s passion and spirit has inspired us all. The Peru chapter consists of 46 members from various countries around the world who currently reside in Peru.  We are a large expat community with women from the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Peru and other South American countries.  Many of our diverse members have resided in countries all over the world and some have witnessed first-hand the hardships women and children in third world countries endure.  We share our experiences during our meetings and discuss the monthly issues that often hit very close to home here in South America, thus making involvement all the more important to our chapter.

We recently had a meeting with visitors from other chapters in the United States.  These women traveling with Dining for Women had just met and yet we all felt an intimate connection and friendship that has profound roots in the Dining for Women focus. As we feasted together we were reminded of the symbolism of women coming together in the spirit of giving. The interaction between us was a perfect depiction of what Dining for Women represents. This unprecedented event was a great success and I truly hope it inspires others to open their doors to fellow chapter members during their travels.

Connecting as women uniting in an admirable cause cannot not only benefit those we work for but can also foster some wonderful friendships.  Dining for Women has provided the Peruvian chapter with an outlet to express our concerns and take action to make a difference. In an attempt to empower those suffering and impoverished we have empowered ourselves knowing that together we can make a positive change.  On behalf of the Peruvian chapter we would like to thank Dining for Women for uniting us all. Individuals can make a difference and women collectively are a powerful force. I look forward to the day when we all can feast together.