Brick by Brick Partners

Project Title: Mama Rescue Project

Location: Uganda

Grant Amount: $50,000

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Economic Sustainability, Gender Equality, Health

Mission of Brick by Brick Partners
Brick by Brick Partners creates partnerships that improve education, health, and economic opportunity in East Africa.

The Mama Rescue Project provides transportation for laboring women to access health facilities and emergency obstetric care. This reduces major obstetric complications, which are significant causes of maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality.

Why We Love This
By reducing the time for laboring women to access emergency obstetric care, the Mama Rescue Project will lead to better health outcomes for mothers and babies. We love that Brick by Brick Partners builds this important infrastructure in these communities by incentivizing the utilization of health care and by employing innovative referral systems and mobile technology.


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