Etta Projects

Project Title: Etta Projects

Location: Bolivia

Grant Amount: $39,825

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Gender Equality, Health

Mission of Etta Projects
Etta Projects collaborates with communities, creating sustainable solutions to improve health, sanitation and clean water.

Etta Projects will train 50 local villagers from communities in District 2 of Saavedra Bolivia to become Health Promoters (HPs), empowering participants to serve as first responders, save lives and effectively advocate for improved health outcomes.

Why We Love This
We love this project because of its emphasis on strengthening the voice of indigenous people in their own health care. This two-year, comprehensive health and leadership training program for female Health Promoters will strengthen the connection between local doctors and traditional healers, and allow the Health Promoters to educate, serve, treat and support their communities.


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