Girl Determined: Featured (2012), Sustained (2016-2018)

Girl Determined will scale up through further development of a model in which communities manage weekly implementation of their core Colorful Girls Circles projects. Girl Determined will provide training, oversight and quality control and an increased focus on girls’ rights advocacy.

The Implementation Plan –Phase One (about 24 months)

  1. Develop core group of facilitator trainers and supports –Girl Determined will support communities while controlling for quality through the establishment of a small, mobile training team. The training team will help local CG Circle facilitators to problem solve common issues, improve facilitation techniques, understand girls’ rights and adolescent development and use the curriculum to its fullest. Training team will visit each community at least twice yearly to provide support and hands-on, tailored skills development.
  2. Core Competency – Develop set of core competencies of facilitators. Need to work through a series of potential competencies and interview girls’ and other staff to identify the key competencies that help girls to feel most comfortable, empowered and excited by attending weekly circles.
  3. Publish Curriculum
  4. Facilitators Training Manual accompanied by training videos
  5. Supplementary Training Modules – Over two years, we will develop a series of additional workshop, which will be available to Colorful Girls Circles Facilitators and Coaches.
  6. Hire and prepare a Partner and Communications Staff Member



2012 Featured Grant Info


Project Title: Girl Determined

Location: Myanmar

Grant Amount: $50,000 over two years

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Leadership Development, Safety and Security

Mission of Girl Determined: Featured (2012), Sustained (2016-2018)
Girl Determined is sparking a movement of girls with leadership skills to advocate for their own rights and a future that does not re-create the risks they now face. Girls are at the forefront of change in Burma/Myanmar.

Girl Determined works to promote girls rights in all forums, particularly for the most vulnerable, by organizing Colorful Girls Circles, training facilitators, creating curriculum, bringing girls together and exposing the reality of girls’ lives in Burma.

Because girls are seen as potential change-agents in their households, communities and nations, Girl Determined’s program aims to increase girls’ ability to make strategic life-decisions, generate choices and exercise bargaining power. This real empowerment creates opportunities for girls to better cope with their difficulties, envision alternatives and take leadership into their own hands.

Striving for an active network of girls where information, ideas, support and enthusiasm are abundant will raise the overall status of girls and women in communities and a society where military men, businessmen and monks currently hold most decision-making power.

Why We Love This
Girl Determined is a transformative leadership project designed to assist vulnerable teenage girls to avoid the pitfalls of trafficking, dangerous labor and other forms of violence by facilitating the girls’ recognition of their personal and group potential. The girls gain self-confidence discovering their ability to act as effective change agents in their communities. This is also the first program DFW has supported in Burma.


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