Speak Up for the Poor

Project Title: Girls Education Program: Girls Health and Safety Training

Location: Bangladesh

Grant Amount: $26,189

Grantee Website: www.speakupforthepoor.org

Areas of Impact: Economic Sustainability, Education, Gender Equality, Health

Mission of Speak Up for the Poor
Speak Up for the Poor’s mission is to create a new reality for girls in poverty.

Project Summary
The purpose of this project is to reduce the incidence of child marriage, exploitation, and abuse in Bangladesh by providing education, resources, support and inspiration for vulnerable girls in grades 6 – 12. The project aims to empower thousands of girls to understand their rights, their bodies, basic health and hygiene, and to develop leadership skills to live healthy and safe lives.

Why We Love This Project
Speak Up for the Poor has an excellent track record of keeping girls in school in low- income communities of Bangladesh, where the rate of child marriage is as high as 80%. This project offers age-appropriate teaching and training on optimal health, safety, well-being, and the importance of staying in school. Girls also learn about body autonomy and existing laws surrounding child abuse, child marriage, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and spousal rape. This is a new reality for girls and women built on affirmation of their value, worth, and importance to their families and societies, and it allows them to flourish and thrive.


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