Set Up Recurring Donations for 2017

By Leslie Mason, DFW Accounting Specialist

Monthly recurring donations are the easiest and most convenient way for you to give to DFW, even if you cannot attend your chapter meeting that month. They also provide a predictable source of income that we can count on to fulfill our mission.

So what does it mean to be a recurring donor? It means that your credit card or bank account will be set up by DFW to be charged on a certain date every month according to your specific instructions. You can change or cancel your automatic withdrawal at any time.

Did you know?….

  • DFW currently has 172 donors that make monthly recurring bank drafts.
  • All DFW staff members donate by bank draft.
  • Bank drafts are the most cost-effective and time-efficient donation processing method DFW offers.

Credit card payments are quick and effective, particularly for one-time gifts. However, in recent years, we have experienced a number of challenges and rising costs associated with recurring credit card donations. These challenges are largely due to new chip technology, credit card identity theft, and revolving expiration dates.

That is why we want to encourage all new recurring donors to give through preauthorized bank drafts.

BB&T, DFW’s bank, offers ACH Preauthorized Drafts which are processed through a central facility that handles the transfer of monetary transactions between member banks and the Federal Reserve System.  The system is a nationwide network used to safely process billions of electronic transactions each year.

If you are tiring of having to update credit card information, sometimes multiple times a year, or simply interested in donating by bank draft, complete this automatic withdrawal form.  Be sure to include your signature, attach a voided check, and mail it to the address listed at the bottom of the form.

Last, a word of thanks to DFW’s chapter leaders and donors that have been spreading the word regarding bank drafts!  It is rewarding to hear from so many of you that are passionate about spreading DFW’s mission while helping us save administrative costs wherever possible!