I am Dining for Women, Hear Me ROAR

I am Dining for Women, Hear Me ROAR

I am Dining for Women, Hear me ROAR

I am a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband, partner, spouse, aunt, uncle, daughter, son, BFF

I am a she, he, and they

I am from the global north, I am from the global south, I am straight, I am queer, with skin colors in every hue

I am employed, unemployed, underemployed, retired, volunteer, student, scholar

I am a farmer and livestock owner, an educator, a professional, a small business entrepreneur

I am a landowner, landless, I am a nomad

I am a community health worker, a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist

I am on the frontlines, a firefighter, an EMT, the law, and a service provider

I need water, food security, and a roof over my head

I need family and community

I want equal opportunity, I want fairness, I want equal access

I want an education, I want healthcare, I want a future

I want music, dance, and opportunities to create

I want mother earth to sing with joy, with her abundant flora and fauna

I want justice, I want equality, I want peace

I want good governance, responsibility, and accountability

I will give of my time, my compassion, and my resources

I will give of my talent and hard work

I will speak, I will speak up

I will communicate, discuss, and share

I will join the other chorus of voices

I will never stop trying

I am willing to go where others have not gone before

I am Dining for Women, Hear me ROAR