Africa Development Promise (ADP)

Project Title: Expansion of Mushroom Cultivation Project in Uganda

Location: Uganda

Grant Amount: $45,000

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Economic Sustainability, Gender Equality, Health

Mission of Africa Development Promise (ADP)
African Development Promise's (ADP) mission is to drive collective action of rural entrepreneurial women to advance sustainable business and economic independence in African communities.

This project will expand, professionalize, and modernize a mushroom cultivation project among marginalized women, allowing them to earn additional income, improve family nutrition, and address poverty-related challenges.

Why We Love This
Uganda, like much of the world, has more women than men working in the agricultural sector. Yet compared to men, their productivity is lower because of gender inequality and family responsibilities placed on them. Africa Development Promise offers training and technical assistance to grow crops that yield more and provide economic as well as nutritional benefits to the women farmers’ families.


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