MamaBaby Haiti

Project Title: Well Women in Northern Haiti

Location: Haiti

Grant Amount: $44,996

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy, Health

Mission of MamaBaby Haiti
The program will directly address the lack of comprehensive well-woman health care and education in the Cap-Haitien, Vaudreuil, Pipoville and Morne Rouge areas of North Haiti. We will address and combat the detrimental effects of sexually transmitted infections, lack of cervical cancer screening, as well as inadequate access to family planning options, through education, screening, and treatment for women of childbearing age.

The program will improve the health of Haitian women, empowering them to have higher self- esteem. As the latter is often unquantifiable, the organization proposes more specifically to increase the identification and treatment of sexually transmitted infections that seriously impact women’s general health and the health of her newborn if pregnant. The program will also decrease the number of women dying from undetected/untreated cervical cancer, and improve female awareness of sexual health, risky behaviors, and signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections. Further, it will improve access to family planning options.

Why We Love This
MamaBaby Haiti offers innovative and practical solutions to screening and treating for cervical cancer in an area that has the highest incidences of the disease in the world. The program is well connected with other medical services in Haiti. It is a local, indigenous program with a comprehensive, educational component that serves a medically underserved community.


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