The Proven Platter – Cameroon, November 2022

It seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago that gathering together freely with friends and family hardly required a second thought. Whether your chapter is meeting virtually or in-person, we want to revive an old Rise tradition this month. In years past, former recipe curator Linda McElroy created an eclectic menu near the end of each year, offering suggestions for a party to celebrate winter holidays at a November or December meeting. As many of us gather with family and friends this month, we can share food that honors the rich cultures of our sisters around the globe. It might even be an opportunity to tell others about Together Women Rise and invite them to join in our collaborative efforts to increase gender equality.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Serve small portions for a tasting party that allows guests to try a variety of dishes. If meeting virtually, claim a dish to prepare and then share your review when you meet. May joy and gratitude abound in your chapters and in your families this holiday season.

To honor the work of AMEF, start with a warming dish from Cameroon, African Stewed Potatoes.

Tandoori Prawns (Use oven preparation for the winter months, if needed.)

Pickled Vegetables (A component of Guatemalan Enchiladas, Jardineras)

Hummus (Serve with pita bread or crackers.)


Pumpkin Custard

Mtedza (Groundnut Cookies)

Lemongrass Tea


Photo credit: Vinola V. Munyon