Previous Trips

Many adventurous Together Women Rise members have been thrilled to join us as we travel to visit the women and the grantees we’ve supported in the past. Some members have enjoyed our trips  so much that they have traveled with us multiple times. The experiences we offer are personal and unique, and take our travelers to places and situations that they would never experience on traditional trips. Coupled with that is the company that we travel in – a group of like-minded companions with interesting lives and an openness to discover more of the world.

Guatemala 2024
Together Women Rise took a dive deep into the heart of the Guatemala culture with our incredible grantee, Limitless Horizons Ixil (LHI). LHI provides education and academic support, career training, life skills workshops, mentorship, and income-generating opportunities, including an artisan program, to Indigenous girls and women. Our travelers enjoyed picturesque views of volcanos and mountains, toured a UNESCO World Heritage Site, engaged in hands-on experiences weaving and making tortillas, and learned about the region’s rich history. Read the trip summary and blog posts.

Tanzania 2023
Together Women Rise traveled to Tanzania – one of the most beloved and enchanting destinations in the world!  Far more than just a place to see the ‘Big Five’ and the wildebeest migration, Tanzania offers a wealth of hospitality and the opportunity for cross-cultural exchange. On this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, Together Women Rise highlighted the work of two of our incredible past grantees: Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA) and African People & Wildlife (APW). Read the trip summary.

India 2023
Our Together Women Rise travelers had the unique opportunity to visit and learn alongside four of Together Women Rise’s grantees in Rajasthan and experience firsthand how they are impacting the lives of Indian women and children. These organizations equip women and children living in poverty with the skills and resources to become leaders of their own futures.  Read the trip summary.

Jordan 2022
Our Together Women Rise travelers had the rare opportunity to spend two full days with Together Women Rise Featured and Sustained Grantee Collateral Repair Project (CRP).  CRP is bringing much-needed assistance to refugees and other victims of war and conflict—those commonly referred to as “collateral damage.” They learned first-hand how Together Women Rise’s grants are impacting women and children at this center.  Read the trip summary.

Guatemala 2020
Our Together Women Rise travelers spent a week volunteering and  immersing themselves in the unique culture of the Q’eqchi’ Maya who live deep in the cloud forest. They learned about the way of life for Q’eqchi’ women and girls and how CCFC supports their growth and development through their Women and Agroecology Leadership for Conservation (WALC) program. Read the trip summary.

Peru 2019
Our Together Women Rise travelers enjoyed an exciting adventure to explore and learn about the ancient history of the Inca and how the past translates into modern day life for rural women and girls in this incredibly beautiful and diverse country. The key highlight was visiting and participating in service projects with Together Women Rise grantees Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls and Sacred Valley Health. Read the trip summary.

Bhutan 2019
Thirty Together Women Rise travelers participated in two separate trips to experience the beauty of Bhutan and to see firsthand the work being done at the READ Bhutan centers which Together Women Rise funded in 2017. Read the trip summary and blog posts.

Kenya 2019
Together Women Rise travelers forged powerful connections to the inspiring work of our Kenyan grantees: Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), RefuSHE, Kenya Self-Help Project, and Wiser International. They left this adventure with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this fabulously intricate and enchanting country and the women and girls who inhabit it. Read the trip summary.

Guatemala 2018
Fourteen Together Women Rise travelers had a unique opportunity to connect with the beauty of Guatemala, its culture, and the work that Together Women Rise has supported at Starfish, Mercado Global, and Women’s Justice Initiative. Read the trip summary and blog posts.

TWR travelers were honored to join the Urubuhero, or women’s gathering.

Rwanda 2018
Fourteen travelers participated in a learning journey to meet the women and girls we supported through Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE), Gardens for Health, and Global Grassroots, and to see firsthand how women have played a leading role in the reconstruction of the country following the 1994 genocide. This trip also provided the opportunity to trek the Volcanoes National Park to see the critically endangered mountain gorillas. Read the trip summary and blog posts.


Dominican Republic 2015
This was a special opportunity for 18 travelers not only to visit the DR and our featured program Mariposa, but also to spend a full week working with the staff and students and really getting to know the people as well as the history and culture.  Read the trip summary and blog posts.


Burma/Myanmar 2015
Burma was a one-of-a-kind journey. To experience a land of endless mystery and beauty was exceptional. But the centerpeice of the journey was the time spent with the girls of Girl DeterminedRead the trip summary and blog posts.


Peru 2014
We took 14 travelers to visit the wonders of Peru from Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca to remote regions where our donations are at work, visiting INMED, a program we have sponsored several times and enjoy other once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  Read the trip summary and blog posts.


Cambodia-Vietnam 2014
For the second time in as many years, we took a group to Vietnam — but this trip added the richness of Cambodia. We visited Children of Vietnam  and experienced many of the unique sights and sounds of the region.  Read more.


India 2013
This trip in November 2013 visited three programs — Anchal, AID-MMBCDS, and Matrichaya. Along the way our nine travelers visited the iconic Taj Mahal, rode elephants and camels and connected with each other, Together Women Rise and the growing circle of empowered women.  Read more.

Lauren mercado global

Guatemala 2013
This ambitious trip visited five featured programs: MayaWorksStarfish One by OneThirteen ThreadsMercado Global, and Friendship Bridge. We were fortunate to visit so many organizations, which were similar in their focus on rural Mayan women but different in their methods and goals. Read more.


Indonesia 2013
Twelve adventurous travelers, loaded down with extra suitcases full of medical donations that we had readily agreed to transport, met up in Singapore to start a whirlwind trip to visit Borneo and Bali, two of the 17,000 islands that make up the country of Indonesia. Our main objective: to meet and learn about our supported program Health in HarmonyRead more.

TWR travelers in Vietnam 2013

Vietnam 2013
Together Women Rise travelers visited Children of Vietnam.  The program has been featured twice so we were able to meet with recipients of past support and witness the changes that have occurred in their lives as the result of our funding, as well as visit with women who are just starting the program.  Additionally, we had time both pre-and post-program to visit some of the highlight destinations within Vietnam. Read more.


El Salvador 2012
The El Salvador trip was both a service trip to work with our program Prevention International – PINCC, but also a very educational one where we came to understand more of the factors that had forged current attitudes and politics. Read more.

Angie Maddox at Kibera

Kenya 2012
Led by BOMA Project founder Kathleen Colson, the Kenya 2012 trip visited several programs supported by Together Women Rise. Read more.

PINCC and TWR Volunteers

Nicaragua 2012
Our very first service trip was to Nicaragua. A group of nine volunteers spent five days working side by side with PINCC  (Prevention International – No Cervical Cancer) at León’s free regional hospital. Read more.

Nepali woman with Heifer goats_PA

Nepal 2011
Sixteen intrepid travelers met up in Nepal in early November 2011, spending two weeks with Heifer International traveling to small, rural villages to meet with women whose lives had been changed through their involvement with Heifer’s program. Read more.


Peru 2011
For a trip filled with so much and made up of such diverse women from different backgrounds and ages ranging from 20-71, we had a trip of a lifetime. We all came back with a deeper connection to the women and children of the world as well as to how meaningful the work of Together Women Rise is. Such a small amount can make such a big difference in so many villages in Peru. Read more.

Gorilla Uganda 2010

Uganda 2010
A number of us who traveled together in Kenya went on to Uganda, meeting up with additional travelers in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city near Lake Victoria, to make a group of 10. We came to visit Bead For Life, a fantastic nonprofit we’ve supported twice that provides business training and income generation for women, teaching them to roll beads from recycled paper. These beads are then strung into beautiful jewelry that is sold at bead parties–similar to old-fashioned Tupperware parties—across the world. Read more.

The whole family crossed the road right in front of us

Kenya 2010
Kathleen Colson, founder of The BOMA Fund, is also a travel guide, and arranged our trip to Kenya that included visiting not only her own nonprofit, but also many other women’s groups. Our best-of-both worlds adventure alternated safari game drives with visits to meet and talk with local women who are working their way out of poverty and creating better lives for themselves and their children. Read more.

India 2007
In late 2007, 15 of our members traveled to India!  We visited  Matrichaya, based in Ranchi, in the capital city of Jharkhand.  Not only did we meet some of the program’s participants, we also had a wonderful time experiencing the wonders of Agra, Jaipur and Delhi.